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Software, Apps & Automation

What software should you use? 

We love technology, and it offers so many great benefits for both individuals and business! 

We firmly believe that you should use the programs that work for YOU, that make life easier (not harder!), that suit your budget and needs and that you are comfortable with using.


The industry leaders for business are of course MYOB & Xero and they have a multitude of different packages as well as add-on and integration options that you can use. Other programs used for small business include QuickBooks, IPA Books+ & Reckon. We are familiar with, and happy to work with whichever financial software platforms you choose.

Our firm uses and prefers MYOB software.

Handy Apps for Individuals & Small Business

ATO MyDeductions
Cost: Free

Features: Records & stores individual or sole trader expenses & sends them to us at tax time. Has logbook feature.


Cost: See Website

Features: Automated logbook app. Manually or automatically record trips. Produces ATO compliant reports. Can be used for multiple vehicles.

MYOB Capture

Cost: Free with most MYOB software subscriptions

Features: Sends your receipts quickly and easily straight to your MYOB file.

Crypto Tax Calculator

Cost: Varies based on volume of transactions

Features: Allows you to import your cyrptocurrency transactions from different wallets or trading platforms and produces the necessary reports so we can assess and calculate any reportable transactions.

Any more questions?

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